Makeblock AI & IoT Education Toolkit Add-on Pack 教育工具附加包


Makeblock AI & IoT Education Toolkit Add-on Pack 教育工具附加包


人工智能和物聯網機器人教育套件包括 sanm Botrobot,並附帶 10 多個電子模塊和配件。 智能相機包括可以學習、計算和檢測物體的 disa 相機。
該套件旨在讓學生接觸 AI 應用程序,並使他們能夠進行 DIY 有趣的 AI 項目。 適合通過使用智能相機模塊的自動駕駛和賽車項目教授人工智能和機器人技術以及動手實踐。



包括 31 個 mBuild 電子模塊,並配備智能攝像頭模塊,教師可以依靠它將 AI 引入課堂。




可使用基於塊的語言和Python 語言進行編程,通過mBlock 支持人工智能教育和應用(Google Cloud)。



SKUP1020007Product ID (EAN # or UPC #)Brand NameMakeblockProduct Name CategoryProduct DescriptionKey Product Features 1-5Specifications (Optional)Components included;
Speaker、Power × 2、Motor Driver × 2、Motor Pack× 2、Fan Pack、Water Pump Pack、PIR Sensor、Ranging Sensor、Servo Driver × 2、Servo Pack × 2、LED Matrix、LED Driver、LED Strip Pack × 2、LED Ring Pack × 2、Light Sensor、Ultrasonic、Sound Sensor、Temp Sensor、IR Transceiver、Dual RGB Color Sensor、Button、Soil Moisture、Multi Touch、Joystick、Motion Sensor、Gas Sensor、Temp Sensor、Extend Block、RGB LED、Flame Sensor、Magnetic Sensor、Angle Sensor、Smart Camera、5V Connection Cable (10cm)× 10、5V Connection Cable (20cm)× 20
Software: mBlock
Programming languages: Scratch, Python
Software available on;
Browser: macOS 10.10 or above/Win7 or above
App(only availabe on iPad): iOS 11 or abovePacking MethodPackage  Dimension
Height/Width/LengthProduct Dimension
Height/Width/LengthNet WeightGross WeightRemote Control

AI & IoT Education Toolkit Add-on Pack
AI & IoT Education Toolkit Add-on Pack comes with 31 mBuild’s electronic modules and 10 accessories packs. With this pack, students can learn Artificial Intelligence (AI), apply the technology to everyday life, and complete engaging projects by using  sensors and visual programming. The modules are programmable in both block-based and Python languages. A wide range of coding blocks are available for users to create different projects. Online help, Python API, hardware guides and sample projects can stimulate students’ curiosity and imagination and develop their understanding of AI.
Note:  The pack includes no mainboard. It must work with Halocode or mBuild-compatible electronic modules.
Includes 31 mBuild electronic modules and comes with Smart Camera module that teachers can rely on to introduce AI into classrooms.
Compatible for different scenarios:Makerspace, Computer Science Class,  Robot After School Club, Robot Competition.
Programmable in block-based and Python languages, supporting AI education and application (Google Cloud) with mBlock.
Include commonly-used electronic modules, accessories and tools used in example projects.
Box Packing

Inside the box

1×Speaker ; 2×Power ; 2×Motor Driver ; 1×PIR Sensor

1×Ranging Sensor ; 2×Servo Driver ; 1×LED Matrix ; 1×Slider

1×LED Driver ; 1×Ultrasonic ; 1×Sound Sensor ; 1×Temp Sensor

1×IR Transceiver ; 1×Dual RGB Color Sensor ; 1×Button ; 1×Soil Moisture

1×Multi Touch 1×Joystick ; 1×Motion Sensor ; 1×Gas Sensor

1×Humiture Sensor ; 1×Extend Block ; 1×Flame Sensor ; 1×RGB LED

1×Magnetic Sensor ; 1×Light Sensor ; 1×Angle Sensor ; 1×Smart Camera

1×Fan Pack ; 1×Water Pump Pack ; 10×5V Connection Cable (10cm) ; 20×5V Connection Cable (20cm)

70×M4 Adapter ; 1×Screwdriver ; 2×LED Strip Pack ; 2×Servo Pack

2×Motor Pack 2×LED Ring Pack ; 20×M4 Nut ; 10×M4 Locknut

1×Sandpaper ; 4×Large Head Rivet ; 8×R4100 Rivet ; 30×Rubberband

12×M3*14 Cross Screw ; 8×M3*20 Cross Screw ; 20×M3*12 Brass Stud ; 4×M4*32 Brass Stud

1×M5+M7 Double-Ended Wrench ; 2×Micro USB Cable ; 1×RJ25-I2C Cable ; 3×Orange EVA Ball

3×Green EVA Ball ; 2×Barcode Card ; 3×Barcode Sticker ; 1×Bracket 3*3

1×Bracket 3*3 120° ; 1×Slide Beam 048 ; 1×Plate 3*5*120° ; 20×M4*14 Screw

10×M4*22mm Screw



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